No notifications from attack on portal

As per title, I got absolutely zero notifications from an attack on a portal which had at least one reso with my name on it.

I didn't get any notifications both on the Ingress app and on Intel map.

It isn't possible that all my resos got upgraded because I originally deployed a L8 resonator, and it couldn't have decayed on it's own because I recharged that portal every day.

One of the other people who had their resos on it did receive notifications (even though he only received the neutralization notification, but the portal wasn't flipped since it's now white).

Device: Pixel 4a with Android 13

App version: 2.99.1

I don't think the device or the app version have any importance since I didn't get any notifications also on the Intel map, which is completely independent from the device or the app version.

P.S.: I originally intended to open a ticket in the app support, but when I answered with "Report a bug" to Remy I was redirected to write here in the forum and the discussion was closed.

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