Daily distance reached while using VR Kinetic Capsules is incorrect

Using the VR Kinetic Capsules causes an error with the daily distance reached message and prevents you from loading any more capsules for that day.

I was lucky enough to hack 2 VR capsules yesterday and loaded them straight away. Today, I have so far walked 25km based on the measurements in the game. I have so far completed 7 capsules. 3 of these were from the common capsules and 4 were from the VR Capsules. (2 VR programs are still running) 

The common capsule program finished and I tried to start another. However I'm getting the "Daily distance limit reached, try again tomorrow" 

In the past this message only appeared after walking 40km with the capsules.

I suspect that the app is multiplying the distance for each capsule completed rather than the true distance walked.

It appears that it is not worth walking multiple VR capsules if you are likely to walk over 16km in a day at the moment.

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  • Looking at this again, it looks like it's not letting you complete more than 7 capsules in a day, whereas the original announcement of these capsules stated no more than 7 simultaneously.

  • I can't reproduce this on iPhone 13 Pro, iOS 15.6, running Ingress 2.99.1, and I completed 14 Programs in 24 hours (it's technically possible to complete 35 Programs per 24h). However, we recently made changes to target bad actors who fake their distance walked, so I'll investigate further.

    What device, OS version, and Ingress version are you running? Please note that Program distance trekked isn't based on your "today" or "yesterday," but a 24h rolling window: 40km distance trekked in 24h.

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    Im using a Google pixel 4a5g using Android 11.

    AP version 2.99.1

    It looks like I only walked 4km yesterday if that helps at all

  • I just got this with a Pixel 6 Pro. Yesterday had three Capsules running, walked about 24km in total, 10 km today so far, just tried to initiate the remaining Common, and told I had exceeded the daily limit. Waited about a hour, and was able to Initiate the Common.

  • Running Android 13, Ingress 2.99.1-786c4de6.

  • Saturday I had a big day, walked 35k steps. Sunday, I got the daily distance limit reached, around 12:30pm. That's normal on a weekend.

    At 2:30pm, I could start 7 all at once. They did not finish before I got home.

    This morning, around 5:30am, they all finished, so I started 7 more. Then just a few minutes ago, those finished, and I got the limit again.

    It is definitely not 40km.

    Fwiw, I've hacked 18 kinetics, and 7 are currently sitting in my inventory. Normal weeks I average +100km/week, and 450km/month. My current weekly hack rate is 3449, and I farmed 102 PC4 just this morning to keep these kinetics active.

  • I was just able to activate 7; it is 11:!5 AM local time(CDT, 16:15 PM UTC).

  • This is definitely broken. I claimed 7 yesterday, on Saturday(rollover from Friday). I then walked 2 more sets of 7. I then went home. I now just claimed a 4th set. Tried to start another one, got Daily Distance Reached. 4*8=32, not 40.

    Yesterday, at the start, my caps were out of sync. I had just 3 rkc in inventory when I got home Friday, but then hacked enough more to start up to the max of 7.

    Saturday morning, for the first batch, when they finished, I did not start new ones, until I could start 7 at once. It is easier to manage when they are all synchronized.

    I have 14 rkc in inventory right now, 219 Link Amp ready to be crafted. In the past week, according to the scanner, I've walked 140km and crafted 118 capsules.

  • The only thing that makes sense, is I'd the limit is on km trekked, and not on kinetics crafted. Which seems broken, as the only limit on walking should be time. If this is trying to prevent excess claims of capsules, then it should be implemented as such.

    An agent shouldn't be penalized for actually getting out and moving, as the game suggests we do.

  • @NianticBrian

    What is "Daily distance limit"?

    I think we need a very specific definition.

    First, exclude the obvious. A Rare Kinetic Capsule breaks after 3 Program completions. So the distance can not be per-capsule basis. Otherwise, only the Common Kinetic Capsule's distance would matter (as before, it would work well.)

    Let me ask some questions here.

    After a Program completion, what do you add to what? What do you compare to 40? Is there any internal seven distance counters, or just one? (I know technically it's not just a counter for rolling.) If we have only one, do we add the distance only one of them or all of them when Programs are being run in parallel? In what condition can we complete 35 Programs per 24h?

    Sorry for showering with questions, but answers to these might help us.

  • 40 programs, no?

    1 common and 7 rare or it's limited to 1 + 6?

  • I also got also this problem, can’t start any new capsules running, on iPhone 12 pro. Tried 2 other iPhones, same problem, also various IOS versions, and reinstalling. I didn’t do any long trekking either, less than 10km

    Another player needed to wait 3-4 days before able to run new capsule program .

    Also, there is error in number of remaining runs on top of the screen when the capsule has completed and you are selecting new program. It is one less than what is shown.

  • So it's 7 running kinetics total, not 8 like I had understood 😅.

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