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Good afternoon, today you published in ingress about a new rare capsule, an item that seems promising. Personally I would recommend that common (green) items can be converted to purple items. Since I have noticed that many agents dispose of green items without giving them a use, this way we will encourage the community of recycling culture. To encourage agents to start recycling those green items, we could make the kinetic have a distance of 2 km, thus further encouraging the community to embark on a path to the culture of recycling in the current context of climate change .

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  • Buenas tardes, hoy publicaron en ingress sobre un nueva cápsula rara, un item que parece prometedor. En lo personal yo recomendaría que los objetos comunes (verdes) puedan ser convertidos a ítems color morado. Ya que he notado que muchos agentes eliminan los ítems verdes sin darles un uso, así alentaremos a la comunidad la cultura del reciclaje. Para animar a los agentes a qué empiecen a reciclar esos ítems verdes podríamos hacer que la kinetic tenga una distancia de 2 km, así animamos aún más a la comunidad a emprender un camino a la cultura del reciclaje en el contexto actual que es el cambio climático

  • I would like it. when I'm farming keys to make MU during glyphing I get too many level 1 items. I delete them because I need space since I only have 2000, if there was a way to convert them into other items I'd be happy. this increases the dynamism of the game

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