Mission draft for 3 weeks

I really dont know where to ask and what is the issue to get the last missions (and the middle one 03-06) to get the draft status after all the other one just get accepted with no trouble.

I dont know what to change anymore into this mission

I even change the portals (example, all missions are to walk into a park but you have to move now 500 meters away from the park)

How this work? I being creating banners for years but now...i dont know anymore how works.

(also local banners are huge and with bored images)

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  • Thanks for reaching out, @SrGillespie! After the mission has been reviewed, the status will change from Submitted to Published (if accepted) or Draft (if rejected). You can make changes to the Missions as per the Mission criteria and submit them again.

  • M1chaeIM1chaeI ✭✭✭✭

    Hey, I can probably actually help you out here: I'm making an assumption that you already submitted your missions and you got an email with a rejection reason. It will be for either copyright or your title and description. If it's for copyright, open a support ticket where you provide proof it's not copyright. If it's for title and description, it's pretty much random whether Niantic approves it or not. If you get a rejection for this reason, make sure you include as many words like "explore", "area", "walk", and the name of the area that the mission or banner is in. If it then still gets rejected, completely delete the mission and make it again so you have a chance a different reviewer will look at it and approve it.

  • i will try to remember the password from the old google account that is linked to game and phone hehe thanks

    is weird because i have a park at 200 meters of home with several portals but every mission/portal recomend is rejected u.u

    also missions say "take a walk and explore the park to get this medal", but i have to change the direction like 500 meters aways because if i use some portals again can be rejected

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