Veteran Ingress Agent banned for no reason



  • Even if it will never be the same again, i hope you will play again when you get your account back.

  • Clearly NIA is unable to differentiate between a legit trade and sell or buy trade and neither their 100% capable of determining an alt account or a causal friend who doesn't always play, but there to help you out sometimes. And it seems most of the bans are caused by these unsure allegations.

  • JosmanuJosmanu ✭✭✭

    The main problem is the zero communication regarding of why, sometimes it feel like somebody just banned someone because ... he wanted or can

  • @Mr0bvious if you have only submitted portals since you reached level 10 and not continued to play that may be why you were banned. I have heard about non- Ingress playing pokemon go players buying level 10 amounts in order to submit pokestops and they may have thought that had happened with yours. I have submitted pretty much as much as permitted since reaching level 10, but I also continued to play and am now level 12

  • We have a local agent that this has recently happened to as well. Email sent but no respond as of yet. What the Glitch

  • @pokestophope I’ve dropped into maybe 5 empty portals since reaching level 10 and occasionally hacked one so not completely inactive. I am sure there have been plenty of people that quit playing after level 10.

    Agent Hujijolp

  • JosmanuJosmanu ✭✭✭
    edited July 2019

    Your stories make me wonder what to do, i had an account banned, after some time of no response i just decided to create a new one, has not been banned so i thought may be i did something wrong with the other one and didnt even notice

    I thought by now the ban emails would be different other than just ''you are banned man, create another account'' and the appeal system would be different other than ''i swear i reviewed this but you still going to be banned, create another account'' This is sometimes make me feel these bans are just made by somebody because he can or wanted to please somebody else

    it makes you think sometimes if i should continue to even opr around or send pois

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