Veteran Ingress Agent banned for no reason

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Dear Niantic 

How many times have I read the stories of desperate agents who have been banned for no reason. Now it hit me on June 12, 2019.

After reading your e-mail, that my account was terminated, I was shocked because I always played fair and did not violate the TOS. 

Why don't you call the reason that led to the ban? 

After the chat with the support bot, I received the following response on June 13, 2019: 

"Hello Agent, 

We have escalated your profile for a thorough review again. We want to get back to you with a decision in due time. 

Thanks for your patience. 

Regards, " 

That's two weeks ago and since then I have not heard from you. 

You can't do that! Lock a longtime player without stating reasons! 

My husband is also playing Ingress and is stunned as you treat me. 

I really do not understand your decision. The ban must be a big mistake. 

We have organized our entire summer vacation to Ingress: 3000 km by motorhome across Europe to various NL-1331 locations and the Anomaly to Kauna, Lithuania. 

I'm sad, angry and disappointed with how you deal with longtime, decent players! You just threw me out of the game and I do not even know why! 

I played Ingress for more than five years. 

I recursed in November 2018 and wanted to reach Level 15 last weekend. 

Me and my family spent thousands of Euro for traveling to 14 Anomalies (buying swag and very rare packs) and several Mission Days, NL- or FS-Events in Europe.

Over the years I have earned about 120 millions of AP, collected about 73 badges, including 14 Anomaly badges and Kaltenberg Castle. 

I could not even take a screenshot. ;(


If you do not unlock me, I will not start over!

But I would like to get my money back, put into unused CMU.


Agent Blyde (Dübendorf, Switzerland)

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  • gagamickgagamick ✭✭✭

  • Unfortunately, I'm afraid of investing time and money and having the account closed due to some error of detection of the game, this is frustrating, I think of even giving up playing so as not to get frustrated anymore. I hope the NIA looks at this topic and check for some bug in cheating tool, so as not to affect legitimate players. Everything indicates by the reports of some conflict. Ps: google translate

    Lamentável esses relatos, estou com medo de investir tempo e dinherio e ter a conta encerrada por algum erro de deteccao do jogo, isso é frustante, penso em ate desistir de jogar para não se frustar mais.

    Espero que a NIA veja esse topico e verifique se a algum bug na ferramenta de trapaça, para não afetar os jogadores legitimos.

    Tudo indica pelos relatos de algum conflito.

    Ps: google tradutor

  • BlydeBlyde ✭✭
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    Hello @NianticCasey

    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    I've submitted a ticket to Niantic Support throught the Help Center on 13th of June 2019 (Conversation-ID #2517473) and I would be glad if one of your team could evaluate it.

    The next events are coming up and I would like to participate with my family.


    Agent Blyde

  • jplolojplolo ✭✭✭✭

    I'm surprised someone who was banned can still write in the community forum

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