[bug] Niantic Campfire Cannot Create Events

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App: 2.99.1

Device: Galaxy S21 Ultra Exynos 2100

OS: Android 12


Unable to create an Ingress Meetup for an Ingress First Saturday event


To create an event inside of Ingress, with Niantic Campfire


1) Open Niantic Campfire inside of Ingress

2) Open the community with which to create the event

3) Open the sub-channel used for events

4) Tap on the "Create Meetup " button

5) Fill in all the details of the event, including the location.

6) Tap on the "Create Event" button

7) No event is created

Since one of the core points of Campfire is to broadcast Meetup events, this feature has somehow been broken between Ingress app 2.97.x and 2.99.x

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