Operation Double Vision - A Dual Faction Cross Link Homogeneous Field

"What would it look like when two factions overlap their homogeneous fields?", I thought to myself while planning for Operation Teiaiagon.

Operation Teal Star was a dual faction link star, but I wanted to take one step further by turning links into fields. With the help of agent 57Cell, we elevated the original cross link HCF 4 to HCF 6. The plan was simple: It involves two level 3 homogeneous fields of different factions superimposed together. The link order is akin to establishing a normal level 3 homogenous field except cross links and collocated portals are necessary. Each faction worked with a total of seven portals; four being one of the collocated pairs; three regular portals that require cross linking. 

We decided that the operation would take place on April 23, cargress style. Since April 22 was Earth Day, I took my metal steed for a ride and cleared the massive amount of blockers near the base of our operation zone so some emissions were avoided. We split up into two teams, the green-blue pairs together formed links while clearing the remaining blockers. From crossing links to requesting cooperation from active players nearby, everything went smoothly until we arrived to the last collocated portals. 

After each faction established their largest fields at the final anchors, the inner portals disappeared from the link menu and became unlinkable. We had already successfully established the HCF 4 using the center collocated set; the procedure for the field closing was no different. We decided to give it another try but we found out that we did not hack enough keys, so we backtracked. On our second attempt, the Shapers finally blessed us and the links went through. Ah! Sweet mystery of the XM network. No one knows why it didn't work the first time.

Link process: https://imgur.com/yJBhYgf

The end result was as eccentric as the mystery of the collocated portals. Instead of a uniform teal shade, the dichromatic homogeneous field behaved like a mood ring. Each section emerged a different hue of teal as though they were quilted together. Furthermore, although the hue looked static at first, it changed depending on rotation and zoom level as each blue-green field pair took turns to surface on top. Similar behavior could be seen on the Intel map as the layers by faction were toggled. It was as if the field did not understand its alignment. This chaotic state suggests that the system renders each control field layer independently. Which begs the questions, do the times down to a millisecond determine the top layer field, or does it not matter? Are every cross faction homogeneous field unique?

Special Mentions:

Double Vision would not have materialized without the help of the following agents. Thank you agents @YX3am , @DaxSilvan , and @SoberCyclist for their precious time and resources and agent @57Cell for his expertise and coverage on his youtube channel.


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