Sojourner stopped!

Hello. I have issue with sojourner counting. From some time there is nothing changing. If there could be possible that I missed something and in "all time" stats 138 days is true, that monthly and weekly stats are impossible. I am a everyday-active player and everyday portal hack is. Please check my stats and upgrade it.

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  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    It maybe because your hack for when your Sojourner, expired, was just a tad too late.

    Recommend that you hack, morning, afternoon and evening every day to be certain that you keep Sojourner going.

    Sojourner is tracked from the time the First hack, checking if you hacked again in that 24 hour period, the following hack after that within the 24 hours hours of the First Sojourner hack, counts toward your Sojourner stat, and toward the next 24 hour cycle check.

    For me my First Sojourner hack started at 3:32pm

    Therefore I need to ensure that I have hacked again BEFORE 3:32pm,

    And Hacked once more, in the next 24 hour period before 3:32pm the next 24 hour period.

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