What is the advantage of joining up with other players? I've always been solo, but if anyone around from California, around Sacramento, Roseville, Yuba City or what ever wants to link up or what ever agents do lol


  • I've only been playing the game since April and I can't really say there is any advantage at all joining up with other players. I've made it to Level 10 and have only met other players on the day that I first started and have been playing on my own ever since. In the Bay Area there is a friendly group of players, especially in Oakland, but there are other places where when you look at the comm, and you think, wow, these people are nuts. I was in Sacramento recently and have to say that town is great for getting the Illuminator Badge because of all of the populated areas.

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    Nothing wrong with solo play, but Ingress is often times a better experience when you are connected with the local community. It takes 3 players to make L7 portals. It takes 8 players to make L8 portals. I've learned almost everything I know about the game from other players, and being in communities has helped me stay informed on events, game changes, and other benefits like passcodes. It also helps to be on the same page with your teammates, you or they might be stepping on the other's toes and not even know it.

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