Very interesting professional article from Enlightened Agent v01i0 (Finland)

Enlightened Agent v01i0 from Finland made very interesting professional Article "Competition, Cooperation and Community: an Ethnographic Study of Gamified Persuasion with Augmented Reality Game Ingress in the Arctic Fennoscandia".

Abstract: Augmented reality (AR) games is an emerging genre of moving games. In this article we have studied the persuasive factors of Ingress that motivate the players to go out and move. Based on the qualitative ethnographical study, we have identified three distinguishable factors that increase physical activity (PA) among Ingress players: competition, cooperation and community. The study is largely based on material acquired in the Finnish Arctic region, where the climate and environmental conditions are sometimes challenging for AR gameplay. Despite the Arctic challenges –– such as vast distances, darkness, cold and snow –– Ingress players have demonstrated remarkable perseverance and activity while playing the game in difficult conditions.

Article can be found here:

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