August 2022 Second Sunday

August Second Sunday attracted agents from all over the world and was very sunny in the UK.

We had 51 agents registered for competition, uploading stats and selfies using the bot from DhrMekmek. The wider Telegram chat shared stories, missions, mutual encouragement and celebration of achievements.

Stats Talk

RES: 28 Agents 6,594,964 Total AP, 2 Level ups, 15,317,413 XM recharged, 230km walked, 185 unique missions

ENL: 23 Agents 6,872,785 Total AP, 9 Level ups, 21,498,661 XM recharged, 307 km walked, 342 unique missions

Total: 51 Agents, 13,467,749 Total AP, 11 Level ups, 36,816,074 XM Recharged, 537 km walked, 527 unique missions

One agent completed an outstanding 60 missions, while another two agents finished 42 missions each.

Looking at Unique Portals Visited, many agents took the opportunity to adventure to new places for Second Sunday exploration:

RES 504, ENL 838, Total 1342 Unique Portals Visited

Hacking is usually part of mission objectives:

RES 3639, ENL 4161, Total 7800 Hacks

Several agents walked over 20km, with two agents managing to walk 33km and 32km each!

The average distance walked:

RES 230/28 = 8.214 km per agent

ENL 307/23 = 13.348 km per agent

Overall 537/51 = 10.529 km per agent

In the midst of all this physical activity, drone hacking was not forgotten. Average Drone hacks per agent:

RES 182/28 = 6.5 drone hacks per agent

ENL 128/23 = 5.56 drone hacks per agent

Overall 307/51 = 6.02 drone hacks per agent

We had a lot of fun!

Thanks again to the mission creators who add so much to our enjoyment of ingress missions.

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