Can't view scoreboard after xfac recursion

I can't view scoreboard for the cycle & period of when I recurse to other colour and obtain the 2 spots of the top 3 agents in the cell (being as Enl and as Res). The scoreboard would be blank and shows as loading, eternally.

It first happened 6 months ago in February earlier this year when recursing from green to blue. And I've just reproduced the issue last week when recursing from blue to green.

To reproduce the issue:

1. Make some fields, with mu large enough to get one of the top 2 agents position

2. Recurse to the other colour

3. Make some fields, with mu large enough to get to the top 3 agents

After the next checkpoint, the top 3 agents list will show that 2 of the spots are taken by same player (the recursing player), showing same colour, which is the current agent's colour. It is not showing the colour of fields made.

In the top 50 players per factions, it correctly show the rank based on the colour of fields made.

This view of scoreboards are visible to all other agents, EXCEPT the recursing agent. For the recursing agent, the page is blank and shown as loading, and can't see history of the active cell. The only scores visible are of other cell. Only way to view the cell's score is via Intel map which shows top 3 agents without the graph.

The issue will stay until the end of cycle. Once the cycle ends, the new/next cycle scoreboard can be viewed normally again. Can also access the History tab to see all other previous period for the cell, EXCEPT the period that had issue. When trying to access that period, the page will again show as forever loading.

These are the scoreboard pages for the period & cells that I can't access myself.

Thanks for looking into the issue & hopefully it is something that can be fixed in the future.

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    Got it myself..... Was blue, now green & experienced what Elise did.

    Now we got a theory....hopefully anyone lower or not on list throw more than 10k to knock it off & hopefully works again on my end

    PA04-PAPA-09 2022.50

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