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Dear Niantic, events that discourage game play are a bad thing.

The upcoming event, Superposition Phase 2 Connected Cells, which starts next week (W33), encourages players not to play this week (W32).

We are discouraged from building fields, recharging or smashing fields.

Granted there are other things to do in ingress, but building and destroying fields is a key part of the game.

The beacon events had a similar problem. If you know you are going to lose, you reduce your loss by not playing. Its not fun for either team.

I do enjoy that there are frequent events, and would just encourage Niantic to think thru how they work a little more.

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  • A strange game.

    The only winning move is not to play.

  • Sometimes the boldest moves are no moves at all. There is a ton of strategy involved in this game. There are many different types of players too. I don’t believe this encourages no game play but rather a different strategy of playing differently. I personally try to change my game play style every once and while to try and throw off my ultra aggressive ENL opponents in our area. Keeping them on their toes and guessing what my next move might be is also an aspect of the game I really enjoy. Sometimes it’s the slow play or the long game. As players we need to constantly evolve and as the game evolves so we do as players. Sometimes it’s nice to just simply take a break and play minimal and the. Other times go hard or go home so speak. Every agent plays within their means. This anomaly showed me that. Our team didn’t have all hands on deck due to many factors and our opponents were prepared to literally play from midnight until 5am in the morning. Our team has lives to live which take more precedence than playing the game when we should be sleeping lol. I don’t believe the game with this anomaly is encouraging not too play but rather from a certain point of view could be suggesting to play a little different or to take a different approach. I trust this makes sense and if it doesn’t oh well.

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    By "this anomaly" I think you're talking about a regular anomaly, not the Superposition event?

    In Superposition Phase 2 Connected Cells, to win, you need to stop playing ingress for the next week.

    The score is based on increase in MU in W33 from W32. To increase the difference you want W32 to be low and W33 to be high. To make MU low, you need to not build fields and not destroy fields.

  • This event has a chilling effect on our gameplay. I definitely experience it as a negative event.

    Just to echo the same concerned that others are raising, I do not agree with events that discourage game play. I love events that encourage me to try out new functions of the game like giving extra rewards for scanning portals or badges for missions on second Sunday. But the idea of encouraging agents to take down their own fields and cease building new ones in order to win an event is counterproductive and goes against the spirit of the game.

    I hope that Niantic will learn from our feedback and not institute similar dissuasive events in the future. But please do keep up other creative events. Overall, they are a positive experience and I look forward to whatever the next event is.

  • Why is there no reward for the Connected Cell battle, even though the agents have worked non-stop for two weeks to increase or decrease their scores?

    • - "The only way to win, is not to fight"

    sounds boring regarding Ingress.

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    Kamloops Connected Cell (July 2022)

    ENL 10 - RES 0

    Just because the score seems unbalanced doesn’t mean our lives are. 💚

    Thanks for bringing your best to the Connected Cells competition. 💚💙 A worthy opponent deserves to be celebrated.

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    It could be an artistic thing. Maybe 35 checkpoints of silence are an homage to 4'33"?

    But I agree; much prefer rules that encourage agents to play.

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    why would u stop play ?

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    The score is the difference between the two cycles. The easiest way to increase the distance is to limbo under the bar at the start.

  • Would like to thank enlightened team, and newinwestsyde for all the support and help to get us to playing better..... It's been an amazing time! Love the game and love pushing myself to do better. Especially thank you for the MU tang coins we received for hitting 1.2 million in checkpoint, during the superposition event..... We worked hard and succeeded when things seemed impossible for us to win in the kamloops cell. Thank you all keep up the great work 💚👆👌👍💚💚💚

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    not sure how your comment relates to superposition connected cells?

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    Although superposition is over, I'm noticing people are still not playing ingress as much as before the event.

    The week before the event, people were encouraged to not play ingress.

    During the event, people were encouraged to make big fields and destroy them, but avoid making links and small fields. So a few people were very busy, while others didn't play as much as usual.

    After the event, people have not resumed play. Perhaps those that played hard for a week are burned out. A week is a long time to play intensely, not getting much rest. I would suggest shorter events.

    Its unclear why people have stopped playing now the event is over, but overall stats are much lower than usual

    W31 - 7 agents had more than 1m AP (a typical week)

    W32 - 4 agents had more than 1m AP (week before super position)

    W33 - 2 agents had more than 1m AP (during the event)

    W34 - 2 agents had more than 1m AP (after the event)

    W35 - 2 agents had more than 1m AP (after the event)

    W36 - 0 agents have more than 1m AP so far

    W32 there was 2x AP event, but we were discouraged from playing due to W33 superposition

    Also the event itself, in nearly every connected cell, was lopsided. All 10 points went to 1 team. There was no close competition.

    Its more fun when either team could win.

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