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Portal was falsely reported and removed. Links show playground as well as the park that it is located in on Google maps.

Dogwood Playground

38.546007, -89.092870


United States

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    Hello @WrestIer , to speed up the review of your reports I advise you to follow the path indicated by NiA otherwise you risk your appeal being ignored: here It is the post!

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    Yes, a kind! It seemed that the information on what the various links etc were lacking ... for this the suggestion.

    Anyway I hope your appeal is successful, good luck!

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    Nearby photosphere are clearly doctored and a search for Dogwood Bed & Breakfast or Meadow Park in Centralia, Illinois turns up nothing. This leads me to suspect that this was a fake portal that was correctly taken down.

  • Fixed my comment. Seriously, you got caught, just own it and move on.

  • Appeal Denied- Thanks for the appeal, Agent. We conducted another review of this location and have confirmed our decision to retire the Portal in question. 

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    @NianticKN and @NianticCasey, any chance on removing the false abuse/spam flags from the replies?

  • Thanks for flagging @TheFarix, I've re-reviewed this thread and updated the flags appropriately. Thanks to those of you who engaged in a respectful debate here. I'm closing this thread for comments.

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