Scotland MD x2 and First Saturday

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On behalf of Ingress Scotland Orga team I would like to thank everyone that turned up in person to our MD weekend in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Along side that was our monthly FS event which we experimented with a face to face in the afternoon and a virtual event at night and it went along with great success with prizes being handed out after the face to face event.

We knew it was short notice of the event being announced but we are still glad that the global agent community joined us to make it a great success, especially a week after the first big Anomaly in Munich since covid-19 happened.

The Ingress Scotland Orga team also welcomed Thia from Niantic who took over from Andrew Krug. We spoiled her as she got shown the highlands (small portion) with excellent weather which is weird for Scotland. We were happy as the agents that were onsite over the weekend treated her as an agent not an employee to get inside info about the game from her. Thia you are more than welcome to come back as everyone loved your attendance and your stories from the playing the game too in the USA.

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