MD mission images… preparing MD for the first time


i read guilines 2022

and do no really clearly understand somthing aboud the bottom of MD images

I think aboud proposing a MD for a city where the loca region and city flag and symbols are all wite and red. Does it possible to use the MD logo with wite background color? And using the offical logo of the city in red color with wite backgroud, if the city is ok with official permission…?


  • Or to use this

    in smaller with wite background? without “ingress” to be less high.

    is it possible to add red fish symbol off the city like this… ou like that..?

  • Like this or this

    i prefer ask before spending many time to work on it because it is not so easy for me to make it. Does the less high logo exist? is it possible to have it? or is it possible to use the logo with wite background, like that?

  • like this? whit logo witout black blason, with one red fish or 3?

    exuse for my draft drawing

  • exemples of symbols of the city and region

    our or in our case is it not better to go with the symbolism of the colors of the region and the city without the MD logo?? but I find it a shame to remove the MD logo. Should we choose between the local symbolism and the official logo??

  • GargishGargish ✭✭✭

    I think the guideline is quite clear on this, either use the city approved logo (the Annecy text alone would probably be fine or the lac annecy logo if the tourism agency is involved) or the plain Mission Day logo with the city name written in Orbitron font above it. In any case looking forward to visit this lovely city!

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