[Feedback] Proximity audio needs to be on a different sound channel than Effects

I love the new proximity audio when I'm actively playing Ingress. However, living near enough to portals to always trigger this, there needs to be a way to turn off the proximity audio without turning all sound effects off.

This has been a regular issue, and there's been great strides in disabling extraneous sounds, but the issue remains that there is no way you can simply open your scanner and have it silent when not in use, without making it silent all of the time.

There was a brief period, where the background noises on the Effects channel were removed, but with the proximity audio, we're back to *constant noise* when the scanner is open near a portal.

The end result is one of two things:

  1. Sound is disabled.
  2. The client is closed.

Neither of these are good outcomes for Ingress.

(Third method of "Open remote view somewhere else" is the most clunky workaround.)


Either establish a new audio channel for proximity audio and the higher level portal audio (Jarvis screaming or ADA lecturing), or move these sounds to the Backround audio.



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