Will the new census also reflect in an update to the MU?

In my local community a lot of agents have talked about an update to the MU count. Has anyone heard of when a possible update to that will be made to reflect areas currently? Thanks in advance.


  • JayrockyJayrocky ✭✭

    Interesting to know @XK150 here this whole time that is always what I had heard but had never researched it. Do you know what is it based off of before I dive into my reading on it?

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  • EngrishEngrish ✭✭✭

    Mind Unit counts either has never been updated or last updated back before Ingress got out of beta in 2013. Would be nice to see an update on this, I know of areas that are now huge residential areas that used to be barren desert and fielding over is still the same amount of measely MU.

  • It would be nice to to see an update. I think the current distributions of XM particles was from an old cell data map from years ago. I know in my neighborhood there’s there are next to zero XM particles because most of the neighborhood was built after that data collection. I know between my town and the town next to it there are about 10 neighborhoods with no XM particles a no particles. With Ingress that is less of a problem than in the other Niantic games. IT MAKES those areas dead Zones

  • How about Fish MU. We've been overfishing since the start of Ingress.

  • M42M42 ✭✭

    I heard (a long time ago) MU was based on 2008 Census figures and is why some newly developed areas have very low MU counts for their current populations. If this is wrong, can you say what the MU numbers are based on?

  • I would love it if there was an answer to the mystery finally.

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