(Suggestion for improvement) How can you make the scanner more visible?

tp235tp235 ✭✭✭

I have a request for the Ingress team.

This is probably something that potentially many players are complaining about.

And it's important for gameplay.

"Please give us more visibility on the scanner screen."

Even if you simply say it, many players will complain about the following

  1. However, the font size is too small.
  2. In addition, the font color selection is too poor.
  3. You have made the wrong choice between text that should be white and text that should be dark blue.The fonts used are not highly legible.

The portal description is the most obvious example of this problem, but the choice of font color is terrible. The contrast is not high enough to make the description readable.

I do buy the graphic designer's effort to make the Prime scanner display a lot of information that players want on a smartphone screen.

I also buy the effort to create a cool design to represent a cyberpunk world.

However, the font size is too small.

What we have is not a 12.1" iPad weighing less than 200 grams or a 32" wide display.

At most, we have a small screen of about 6 inches.

The core of Ingress should be touching interesting portals.

The battles and control fields that take place inside the scanner are just spices to spice up this important theme in a fun way.

Ingress was designed for fun and enjoy FIELD TRIP.

However, these problems are undermining this fundamental appeal.

The old scanner " REDACTED" did not have such poor visibility.

XM, which used to be white and thus robbed us of visibility, is now a lighter orange, which greatly improves gameplay.

This problem should also be remedied as soon as possible.


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