Niantic Support Bot (Remy) is Broken and Non-Responsive

The default Niantic Support Bot (Remy) which is available via Report a Problem -> Contact Us is broken.

It's been broken for me since February 2022 when I reported a missing Core Subscriber annual passcode.

Since it is broken, i am totally unable to Contact Support via the Scanner per normal.

I've tried all sorts of key word commands to force quit the original Contact US chat and nothing works.

Iphone 13 Pro, iOS 15.6. ATT Wireless. Scanner 2.56.2 (and everything earlier back during 2022)

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  • I have a similar problem with the support chat system. When I go to use it over at least the last few months only a few of the normal options will populate, so I can never get through to actually document my issue. It occurs both through the Ingress application and when I access support through the web on my computer, so the bot is the common problem.

    (I also never got a CORE subscriber passcode, but I just gave up on that, assuming that I was being denied one as I didn't subscribe on day one, but waited for a few days to see how the subscription worked for others.)

  • I get a white screen with a spinning wheel that never loads when I start a Contact Us conversation.

    iPhone 11 - 15.6.1 Ingress Version 2.103.3-fd47a290

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