Operation Clear Field

For those who have taken part of this event, what would you recommend for people interested that havent done one yet?

Also, share your stories, the most fun, the most challenging, the better ones!


  • If you are aiming the first or second position, you should play very hard. The best way is to join a well-experienced team. For the rest, it should be relatively easy to finish, but MD is not recommended during OCF, would slow your paces to finish OCF missions. (Attend once in ATL to activate the badge)

  • XJL310XJL310 ✭✭✭

    First, exactly as @AvalancheLLK said, casual and serious OCFs are totally different games. Know yourself, make your choice, form your team in advance. Talk to your teammates to make sure that everyone has the same goal.

    For serious team, I would recommend the following checklist:

    -- At least one experienced player.

    -- One (hopefully all) player familiar with local places of interests.

    -- One fast & reliable Instagram Operator. Currently, all points are submitted and scored on Instagram. Your team need one person to deal with all ##HASHTAGS## quickly and correctly.

    -- Some beast Ingress players. Nowadays they are looking for some players with outstanding profiles, such as multiple-recursed, high-level hard badges, finishing local missions, etc.

    -- Outgoing players. Plenty of tasks ask you to interact with other teams, Pokemon/HP players, or even strangers.

    For casual team, what you need to prepare is almost... nothing. Note that OCF is usually go with MD, sometimes we just do the missions and ticked OCF points just along the way. Again, one reliable Instagram Operator is needed.

    (Done OCF three times. Got 1st place once, the other two were minimum score. Fun fact: We got 1st place because there were only two teams in that match lol)

  • You will need a witty xfact team. MD is not slowing you down, you can normally do it on the way (although we actually did most of the required missions before) and gives you points. I do agree with the previous comments, you need locals, a skilled Instagram operator and a fast responding team. In my experience, I did score second place on my OCF, but only because I was included in a great team: consider that I didn't know I would had been in a xfact team and I hate xfact events, so I was kinda in a oppositional mood when I met them. However my teamates were so sweet and nice to me that at the end I enjoyed playing with them and I wished I contributed more. I would say that teamwork is what makes difference in OCF...

  • P2063P2063 ✭✭✭
    • have the team spirit. everyone in your team should share the goal you want to achieve if aiming for gold/silver.
    • the team needs an instagram pro who can deal with all the hashtags while walking fast
    • the team needs an experienced leader familiar with google maps navigation. should be a different person then the instagrammer.
    • you don't need to be an xf team, but it helps to have an agent of the opposing faction at hand to quickly do the xf tasks from the hitlist.
    • have fun. this is the most important part. your pictures should show that you aren't coolpoint tryhards but that you actually like what you're doing. smile, weather it rains or it's burning 45°C.

    i have done 3 OCF events and what i've learned before getting the golden patch is: you don't want players in your team who are afraid of PT for the fun of it, and you don't want to be in a team that constantly splits up because of MD missions, uniques or casual breaks. The player during our first OCF who constantly avoided PT and never wanted to do anything more challenging then 5 situps cost us a ton of points. Don't do this with somebody just aiming for the bare minimum if your goal is higher.

  • I have done one OCF - doing Missions together may slow you down. A fun team makes it so much better. A variety of Ingress players will be better - someone who loves glyphing, another who does lots of missions etc. Also, have good internet connection for all the uploads.

    To be honest, I felt that it was expensive to join the OCF. Did one and not planning to do another one anymore.

  • falcobirdfalcobird ✭✭✭

    I also felt that it was a little expensive for what is essentially a scavenger hunt.

  • grendelwulfgrendelwulf ✭✭✭✭✭

    I don't know how they are now, bit the one I did for the original badge was a lot of fun. It was basically a service based scavenger hunt. It helps to be very extroverted and not afraid to approach and talk to strangers. It also helps to stay organized and read the list and do as many of the tasks as possible. My team won by one point in the last three minutes of the challenge because a teammate found and submitted a point we almost missed-- high fiving someone from the opposing faction.

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