Portal Key For Wayspot Accepted Leads to Unique Already Visited Automatically

I discovered that two wayspots I submitted and were accepted appear to me as a portal already visited and that makes me fail to get these portals as an unique when I hack them for the first time. It leads me to lose two counts for the Explorer medal when I hack them (I haven't yet). The two portals are the ones furthest from me within the range as shown in the two screenshots. Nia, please FIX IT !!

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  • I'm pretty sure that this is a feature, not a bug.

    I can confirm wayspots you submitted that pops up as new portals are marked as already visited.

    After all, you went at that location when you took the pictures to submit the wayspot.

    If it's marked as visited, your Explorer counter should have had the +1 (or else it would not be marked as visited). It's hard to check as the moment of that increment is not known beforehand.

    Now, if you have not visited any new portals, if you have check your Explorer counter before and after the new portals appearing, and if that counter did not increment by one for each new portals, that's a bug.

  • KarM3LKarM3L ✭✭✭✭

    This was changed december? 2020?

    Last time they updated explorer

  • KarM3LKarM3L ✭✭✭✭

    Can't find the correct release notes from mobile....


  • @KarM3L the first time I noticed it was on a wayspot submitted 2021-03-25 that was accepted 2021-06-20 and appeared in Ingress 1 or 2 days later.

    I may have missed it on previous submissions.

  • So you mean when I submit a portal and it is accepted I get my Explorer stat increased with +1 ??

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