2.96.2: adventure sync bug?

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Had my scanner buggy (unable to load agent data,again that bug),so cleared app data,and now adventure sync can't turn ON. All permissions given manually(physical activity,location "all-time"). Facing the same both on arm7(ZTE Blade A7 2020) and arm8(Redmi 9). This began on 2.96,because I've cleaned app data on prev.releases and everything was OK.Ofc google fit is present and logged in.

Sorry for screen record quality:)


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    I am experiencing the same thing as of 2.96.2. This was not a problem before. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra on Android 12.

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  • I am experiencing the same bug on 2.96.2. too.

    smart phone: Huawei nova 5T

    OS: EMUI 11.0.0

  • Agent: SixBravo

    Galaxy S20+

    Adventure Sync will not stay active

  • AndysaurusRexAndysaurusRex ✭✭
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    Just to clarify the bug report that I think we're all experiencing:

    TLDR: Adventure Sync on Ingress 2.96.2 on Android will not re-enable if you do either of these things:

    1. Disable Adventure Sync, then try to re-enable Adventure Sync.
    2. Clear all Ingress data, then try to re-enable Adventure Sync.

    I cleared my Ingress data after returning from an overseas work trip. I wanted to free storage space of portal images I'd probably never visit again.

    I also was just force-upgraded to Ingress 2.96.2.

    After logging in again, I had to set all of my preferences again like turning off all sounds. This is normal after clearing data. Adventure Sync was disabled by default. This is normal after clearing data. I checked the checkbox to enable Adventure Sync. Ingress prompted me to:

    "Enable Adventure Sync: Earn credit towards the Trekker medal and Kinetic Capsule Programs..."

    I clicked the blue and white button for: "Turn It On!"

    Clicking "Turn It On!" did temporarily enable the "Adventure Sync" checkbox, but Ingress never gave me another blue and white confirmation popup saying something like "Adventure Sync is enabled." I closed the settings screen. Ingress returned to the main scanner screen. I then re-entered the settings screen. The "Enable Adventure Sync" checkbox was disabled. Ugh.

    And sure enough, walking about 3 km (with Ingress in the background) registered 0 km trekker data and 0 km credit toward my kinetic capsule. However, Ingress does register trekker and kinetic capsule credit if the scanner is in the foreground.

    This proves Adventure Sync background tracking is totally broken with 2.96.2 on Android. This is a new bug since the previous version of Ingress.

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  • I am experiencing this bug as well. This seems to affect only version 2.96 on Android. Doubt it has anything to do with the phone model because the chap who has yet to update (still on 2.95.1) is the only one not experiencing this.

  • Noticed today what the rest in here have reported about Adventure Sync. Do not receive the second confirmation prompt. Once exiting the setup page, AS turns off.

  • Same with me on android 11.

    The white bule confirmation only appear once then nothing

  • KhatreKhatre ✭✭✭✭✭

    Same problem.

    Samsung galaxy s22 android 12

  • ChapsFChapsF
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    Same for me, i can click to activate, then i leave the options menu, once i open this menu again the option is unchecked again. I gave all authorisation from my phone, i tried to clear cah, uninstall-reinstall the game... Nothing working. This week was at least 25 hypercubes lost.

    Android 12, MIUI 13.0.6. ingress 2.96.2

  • NeveleNevele ✭✭✭

    This issue keeps persisting for me as well.

    I can click on the Adventure Sync button, Turn It On, but then going back into settings it's automatically turned off again.

    Did Reinstall, Clear Cache and all tye prescribed things

    Pixel 4XL

  • DSktrDSktr ✭✭✭✭

    Seems to be fixed in 2.97 release

  • Same bug for me with 2.96, samsung A750fn.

    Can't yet update to 2.97, so waiting, hopefully it will help.

  • Downloaded 2.97 a few minutes ago. Activated Adventure Sync and it stuck. Received the two confirmation banners. Closed out setup and played. Went back in and still selected. Appears to be fixed.

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