Buy item buttons in the wrong place

Hi Niantic, why are these buttons there? They belong in the shop, no forcing agents to buy this mess. Please move the buttons back to where they belong, not in this place.


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    edited July 2022

    Edit: misread original announcement.

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    yeah i dont like the placement either

  • Agreed. This is either very naive design, or it's hostile engineering -- intentionally degrading a user experience to encourage an action the designer intended rather than the one the user intended.

    Niantic: since y'all don't really play this game much I understand you not knowing this, but the way people use the resonator carousel is that when we want to deploy an R8, we swipe hard left. By the time our finger has moved to the Deploy button the carousel is in the right place. If we wanted to deploy a minimum-level reso we swipe hard right, though that's a bit less common. Think of it as Tinder for portals. By inserting an ad for the item shop in the most-commonly used left-swipe slot, you're actively slowing down one of the most common interactions with this UI element.

    If the intent was to make the game actively worse for all your experienced players for the sake of a tiny bump in revenue, you're done. But since your intent probably was just to push visibility of the item store, you should rethink how this is done. Given how commonly one deploys R8s vs. buys resonators, you probably should do what @justmeister said and revert this experiment entirely. If the metrics say that you're now doing a gangbuster business in the item shop and the revenue will justify hiring more engineers and product managers to look after the game, then consider a velocity stop at the last resonator level, requiring either a double-swipe or swipe-and-hold/explicit-tap to get over to the ad.

    (waiting for Niantic's session "Things that we've tried to do with carousels: a 10 year longitudinal study" at the next UI/UX conference)

  • Haha

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