Submit Later feature for Nominations lost 1/2 of my nominations

We were nominating portals in a low signal area, so I was using the submit later feature. When back in WIFI range, I submitted 10 new nominations but only 5 of them made it into wayfarer. They have left my phone so I can't do anything at my end to find them. They are all from the same area. Fall River Lake, KS

The five went into my contributions at 11:06AM 07/25/2022

How can I retrieve the other 5? 

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  • HopeaKotkaHopeaKotka ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2022

    I also tried "submit later" once when the feature was released for nominations and new photos.

    Did about 3-4 nominations and 3-4 new photos, selected "submit later" for all and at home WLAN only about 50% was successfully uploaded to Wayfarer. Rest just disappeared, don't remember seeing any error messages and no possibility to try again. If I remember correctly nominations disappeared so quickly that I don't believe nominations were even send to wayfarer.

    For earlier Ingress versions when you did make a nomination / new photo, the photos taken with Ingress App were added to phones Photo Gallery, but current version makes this even worse as you cannot even find your nomination photos from phone gallery anymore.

    Haven't used submit later for nominations / photos since this experience.

    Samsung S10+
    Android 12
    (App version 2-4 months ago)
  • This is disappointing as I took all the photos "in app". No record that I did it in my photo roll or on Wayfarer. It was other campgrounds, trail markers and trailheads at a cool lake in Kansas. It was going to solve all my problems going to some remote areas. Two of the submissions have already been approved!! 5 days ago.

    Lesson: Send them later, but do it as soon as you get the signal strength to support the upload.

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