Kinetic capsule notification before completion not resolved with restart

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This has been happening for months, but I held off on reporting it because I've seen so many other reports where it was resolved by restarting. That never worked for me. I'll get the completion notification any time after 6.2 km. I just have to let it keep going and then it eventually gets to 8. I have not tracked real distance vs capsule distance because Niantic isn't paying me to squash bugs, but maybe I will out of curiosity. All I know is that as an end user I am notified nearly 2 km before it actually completes. I have not included screenshots because it is exactly as I described. The scanner tells me the capsule is complete. I look at the capsule. It isn't complete. X distance later it's complete.

There's no way Niantic tests before going live. Between the audio issues, this nonsense, and the myriad other bugs, there's no way. It's astonishing.

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