Key lockers are not working /EDIT: portal removed, key remains in inventory/

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I'm unable to load keys into key lockers, even after more than 10 hours of waiting in hope of a temporary error.

When trying to load keys into any key locker it hangs for a couple of seconds, then an error appears "Error. Capsule operation failed".

Recent version of the game, Android 9.


The problem occured when trying to load all keys at once. When loading separate keys I was able to successfuly store them. I ended up with the key to portal "Misio-Pysio na Ścianie" (geo: 52.248431 21.046492, guid: d8ef40ea16734aacb71b2010da38428d.16)

Apparently portal was removed from ingress but the key hasn't been removed form my inventory, thus causing the problem.

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