Portal uninteractable after 1h cooldown of Virus

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Hello there. Here's a detailed description of what happened with fictional names and times because I don't feel comfortable sharing the information in the evidence publicly. Let's assume my faction is Z (and opposing Y).

(*) Can provide evidence if needed

- Android phone / using 4G / App version 2.95.1

- Portal A and B were both with faction Z. Used 2 Viruses to clear links and fields at 14h and 14h15, respectively(*). Portal B behaved in a very strange manner. Upon using the Virus, COMM message appeared but visually the portal remained with faction Z. Only when I "interacted" in some way with the portal (attempt to upgrade or recharge) did the visual glitch disappear and the portal appear to be with faction Y.

Note: probably not important, but I did not upgrade portal B with Resonators, though I did add 2 more Mods.

- Went for a walk, planning to return and return both portals to faction Z with another couple of Viruses (in order to keep the Mods equipped).

- Shortly after 1 hour passed, Virus was applied to portal A and returned to faction Z without any issue. Then it was portal B's turn. It was past 15h20 when I used another Virus. Item was consumed but the portal didn't appear to change, staying with Y's colour. I retried applying another Virus but a "Portal already belongs to that faction" error message appeared (I'm paraphrasing here. Can't remember the complete phrase but that was its meaning).

- I restarted my app. As I re-entered the game, the portal appeared to be with faction Z, but its Resonators seemed to belong to other player (Z faction, let's call him T) who originally captured it (and had 4 Mods, basically, its status BEFORE the first Virus was applied).(*)

- I attempted to upgrade the Resonators (shouldn't be possible since I was the one to use the Virus), but the portal simply swapped its appearance back to the Y faction.(*)

- Repeated the app restart and the same happened when I tried to recharge player T's Resonators (because the option was there).(*)

- On Intel Map the portal had its "Z faction, 4 Mods, T's Resonators" appearance) and, funny enough, even the option to link and be linked to appeared on portal B and surrounding portals. (*)

- Thinking there was no other option I attempted to attack the portal, but nothing happened (with both appearances).(*)

Note: Portal B was already burned out of Hacks before applying second Virus.

Anyone else has had this issue before?

Currently, portal B appears with faction Y and decaying normally.

Can it be redone/undone/Virus wasted refunded/...? It would be helpful to have it return to my faction as it should have been and won't return there anytime soon.

Thank you for the attention.

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