Unable to load account data(?)

DSktrDSktr ✭✭✭✭

Begin to be annoying with 2.95 update on Redmi 9 4/64 running A11 with my gf account. Seems this is a rare bug not connected directly to build described before(maybe some server database,idk). Symptoms: on start you receive this message,go back to login screen,use your account and enter. Or close scanner after this message,next startup you will be prompted about "which google account you're using" (only one is on that Redmi) and enter without problem. This happens almost each scanner opening.

Few (two) times had the same message on mine current ZTE Blade A7 2020 running A10 gsi(stock is A9),which is weaker than that Redmi,but I think in my case that was bad signal problems.

Gonna dig if it is something else(cluttered ROM maybe,or even downgrade to A10),also wrote to support page.


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