intel inventory locked after july 2022 auto renewal.

Hi, my inventory in intel has not been usable since my renewal 3 days ago.

In stock intel, logging in on a new browser session (firefox) clicking on the inventory tab i get an "inventory not available message"

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  • What happens after you clear your cache and cookies for, and then retry accessing your Inventory?

  • I normally use iitc-ce on my tablet with both live inventoryand player inventory and one other inventory related plugin . but this was the first time i ever used firefox for stock intel on the tablet, so very unlikely that cache could be an issue. I didnt bother to try this. But after disabling inventory related plugins in iitc , and refeshing stock intel one more time, my updated inventory did finally appear. After that i re-enabled "player inventory " in iitc-ce and it started working there. So perhaps the issue was with "live inventory " plugin? I'll continue the investigation.

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