Communications error on hack of a specific portal

phthoruthphthoruth ✭✭✭✭

Sometimes you can not hack a portal.

The missions community first noticed because it affects your ability to complete a mission.

Recently it shows a 'communications' error and you can more easily tell that the issue is occurring.

There is no known fix / work around. The issue will go away after about an hour.

During kureze effect 3rd phase another agent showed me the issue occurring for them. Only 1 portal was unhackable for them. It was hackable for me.

The issue affected me this weekend when I was hacking 2 portals and one of them became unhackable - communications error. I tried driving 1 mile away, reboot the phone, and return to the portal about 10 minutes later, but the issue still occurred.

Its quite rare but has happened for at least 5 years, back in the redacted days, so likely a server side error.

It's likely more common than we think, but previously it didnt show any indication a hack had been attempted. Now it shows a communications error, but those are common for a variety of errors.

Please fix

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  • buffon73buffon73 ✭✭
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    I have run into the same problem, twice while bannering. What you describe is True. My friend could hack the portal, i couldn't, but i could hack other portals. After 30-60 minutes it is suddenly hackable again.

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