Communications error on hack of a specific portal

Sometimes you can not hack a portal.

The missions community first noticed because it affects your ability to complete a mission.

Recently it shows a 'communications' error and you can more easily tell that the issue is occurring.

There is no known fix / work around. The issue will go away after about an hour.

During kureze effect 3rd phase another agent showed me the issue occurring for them. Only 1 portal was unhackable for them. It was hackable for me.

The issue affected me this weekend when I was hacking 2 portals and one of them became unhackable - communications error. I tried driving 1 mile away, reboot the phone, and return to the portal about 10 minutes later, but the issue still occurred.

Its quite rare but has happened for at least 5 years, back in the redacted days, so likely a server side error.

It's likely more common than we think, but previously it didnt show any indication a hack had been attempted. Now it shows a communications error, but those are common for a variety of errors.

Please fix

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  • buffon73buffon73 ✭✭
    edited July 2022

    I have run into the same problem, twice while bannering. What you describe is True. My friend could hack the portal, i couldn't, but i could hack other portals. After 30-60 minutes it is suddenly hackable again.

  • phthoruthphthoruth ✭✭✭✭

    This issue happens to me on a regular basis.. about a week ago it happened at a farm.

    I put frackers on all the portals, but one of the portals was unhackable for me, reporting 'communications error'. But it was hackable by everyone else.

    The issue eventually went away after about 30 minutes.

    Restarting does not fix it. Uninstalling ingress and reinstalling does not fix it. Using a different phone does not fix it, including using iPhone vs Android.

    I've seen it affect several other agents of both factions, and I was able to hack the portal that they could not.

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