July 2022 Second Sunday

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A huge thank you to all participants from the UK and a growing number of Agents joining us from around the globe on a blistering hot summer's day!.

A total of 56 Agents registered for the event: 30 RES, 26 ENL using the bot created by DhrMekmek.

Total AP gained was 11,194,699

RES: 6,328,865 ENL: 4,865,834

Total XM recharged: 30,368,751

RES: 18,439,425 ENL: 11,929,326

Individual recharge Queen goes to LittleEgret: 3,300,120

Unique Missions Completed: 589

RES: 229, ENL: 360

Big shout out to Agent 40079 for completing 72 missions!!

Total Distance Walked: 546 Km

RES: 234, ENL: 312

Big shout out to Agent danwilliams01 for an individual effort of 36km walked!!

Congratulations to Agent Thefionut17 for leveling up during the event!!

Thank you everyone and see you all at the next event!

Attendees: peagmj, RyuuNoKokoro, Pixelbytes, NikitaBrujah, cjdiesel1980,   tehmeme, Nala78, danwilliams01, Nijushiho, harpsM, LittleEgret, whiterandom, AmPluralElf,   40079, pokestophope, TheFionut17, hueyrx8, 8Toast8, Terrance, lin4h, goboty, goulashnikopf, Icy247, laughingwater, KarM3L, vuyomon, DoneX0220, karlosici, smukski,   vocalman2004, dorjan1, r3f1zul, emisarb, bobelbritanico, B10D, Ranger101, JudyB, Wendex1, silverkali, Vulch, trynottothink, kupuguy, thundercracker1, MuzzyIssett, Spannerdaniel, CaptnClumsy, ZombieSazza, Misita23, AresNahuel, boredcacher, daetrin, DrHouse49, masonicbelfry

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