Why only Credit Card accepted for the afterparty.

Dear Niantic,

As player I don't like to complain. But now I will, all the time I go to Anomalies the only way to buy tickets (after party, OCF, Niantic swag) is by using an Credit Card. I hoped that you finally would change this, by adding the option of PayPal. Unfortunally that didn't happen, and my question is WHY?

Personally I was lucky to have parents with a credit card but a lot of players not.

Kind regard,

oppad (ENL)


  • McWibbleMcWibble ✭✭✭

    It's Splashthat. They really need a less crappy payments processor for next time

  • JerantJerant ✭✭

    Or the option for regular bank transfer for those who have neither PayPal nor a credit card.

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