Back button doesn't close application in Android

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Since version 2.91.1-bc2b7d17

Before, since early version 2.10 or so, back button on main window will trig a popup menu asking if I want to exit the game.

Now, there is no reaction and the only way to exit is to press window key and **** the application.

Please can you restor the behaviour ?

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  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭

    Which phone and Android version do you have? For me, the back button still works and closes the game normally.

  • Same for me...Ingress cant be turn off by "system arrow back" after some time in game, whem I just open the game, spend only short time playing, then it works, but after longer time in game, turn off is not possible...

    Samsung S20FE 5G, latest Android 12 update

  • This is only failing to work after you've opened the Settings page. Which many people have to do for the sound issues.

  • On a unrelated note Pikmin Bloom also had/has a system back arrow failure which wouldnt close the app unless i pulled up the task manager and closed but after reporting the issue to the PB team they were on Fire and 2 -3 days later there was a patch released to fix it...but they have failed to display a popup message as the OP mentioned above to ask if you want to exit the app and now it just closes the app with a couple of double taps so it seems like its present in a few Niantic Projects at present.

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