Audio in 2.94.1

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I have a Galaxy S21 Ultra Exynos 2100

Android 12


Without earbuds, the audio in game is at a good volume level

With the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, the audio is 25% quieter.

This must be a bug, as the volume was at a good level before this update.

Even with in game volume at max, it is still too quiet, by approximately 25%.

*Spacial Audio*

Does not work when the portal is within range.

I found that I had to be around 5 metres of the portal core before the spacial audio kicked In.

Sweeping around on the spot to listen to the portal core did appear to follow it's orientation correctly with my device.

Yes the Samsung Buds I have, do appear to support the new spacial audio in the game.

Yay, I don't need to buy new ear buds.

*Enhanced audio*

- XM pick up sounds fricken weird, like pew pew everytime, am not a fan of this.

- Stereo sound, is hit and miss, quite obvious when the sound or effect is in stereo or mono



Had raised this many times in the past.

- Voices in the portals, gone.

- Light static of the portal core, gone.

Way to flipping ki ll Ingress by deleting stuff that many of us find wonderful and interesting.

The voices in the portals was an immensely powerful feature that you could have easily, EASILY, used for story telling.

Are you intending to get rid of your player base?

The XM pulse being deleted now for 4 years, really did not make my experience better, it remained quite bad.

You stopped the story 3 years ago, and with it significantly reduced the reason for faction vs faction conflict. We need that conflict as Ingress at its core is a strategy game.

4 years ago deleted the Classic UI/UX (big buttons), and with that annihilated a significant portion of our communities.

Repeating again.

STOP deleting stuff in Ingress!



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