Yellow key locker failed to empty fully and is now vanished from my inventory

I tried to empty my permanent yellow key locker today. The action seemed to stall out in the client, so I cancelled it. After that seemed to stall out, I quit the app and restarted it. After restarting, 27 of the 99 keys had unloaded. I was unable to either load keys back into the locker nor unload keys out of the locker.

I tried clearing cache, clearing storage, restarting my phone multiple times. Now, the yellow key locker has somehow vanished from my inventory and I have 48 keys in my inventory.

I need help getting my yellow key locker back into my inventory (with whatever keys should still be in it) so that it can be used in game as it should be.

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  • And now, 8 hours after the problem happened, and after having logged this bug report about an hour ago, after about the 10th time clearing cache, clearing storage, and restarting/logging back in, the wayward yellow key locker was back, and the expected keys (99 of them) appear to have been in inventory, and they seem to have been able to be loaded back into the locker.

    Sooooooo...what happened there Niantic? That was exceedingly odd.

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    We are now in March 2023 and this problem is still occurring. Just lost one of my key lockers including all but one of the keys in it. That was the key I was try to load back into the locker.

    From research, I assume the problem will fix itself within hours? Or is that days? Will the portals that I can no longer recharge decay in the meantime?

    UPDATE: After 2 hours the key locker came back including the keys.

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  • I just recently had my only capsule with any inventory in it, 19 Very Rare Link Amps, disappear. And I got nowhere with Support.

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