Rules about multiple accounts.

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What exactly are the rules about using multiple accounts? Lots of people have back up accounts to increase inventory? Is that ok? Is running two accounts on two phones ok, like the Pokémon players all do?

What about if I want to try playing in the opposite faction, but don't want to commit to 16 levels of it through recurse? Can I put my main account on ice for a few weeks and just use a new one, then stop using it and go back? I want to see how different the experience is on the other team.



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    Yep, once factions become aware you have two accounts, (or more) you will go straight into the "Untrustworthy/cheat" bin in a lot of people's opinion.

    And people WILL notice eventually, even if they only suspect.

    The number of times our chats have "Old so and so's special "friend" is deploying again/mod bumping" etc.

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    Do you know what's going on in our local resistance? It is customary for them to give accounts to other players. They usually play with two or more accounts. And that's okay. When such players come under my home portal, I cannot punish them. I am alone, and in front of me is an agent with two smartphones. We wrote to Niantic about such agents repeatedly, but what are they? They continue to play. Complaints to Niantic don't work. If everything is good with this in Australia, then in Ukraine we have a complete nightmare with this in some places.

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    Multiple accounts of any kind are against the rules. I've caught so many players doing it over the years, just makes you look like a terrible player. There are communities that accept those players too. Not every area is the same. Ask your local community what they think. To be fair you shouldn't do it. It will make you look pathetic. Play smarter and with honor.

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    Niantic doesn't do anything about it, but there's still the joy in slapping around players with 4+ accounts that also spoof :)

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    Yep, rules are one thing, but I’m sure we’ve all rolled up on people with multiple phones in their hands. Happened a couple weeks ago. We’ve also got a couple agents in another area who share login info so they can rebuild portals to 8 in less than ten minutes. Agents that haven’t been active for months or even years, but all of a sudden visiting a small park in a small town to rebuild a couple of portals at the drop of a hat. I’m not convinced, sorry….

  • Agents having a "sleepover" at someone's house when you **** a portal at 2am, and it's a P8 again at 3am, on a Tuesday.

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    It's not completely good. However in my city most multiaccounters try and hide it/have quit/been banned. It's why I really dislike hidden stats. Love to know if Agent-Suspicious hack counts are increasing whilst Agent-Public is active.

    The only solace is we can beat the pants off these people using single accounts and team cooperation.

    I once caught a guy red handed from opposite faction. They were embarrassed and ended up flipping to our faction and playing clean.

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