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I dont know how arm7 build behaves,gonna test later and add comment,but both on Tplink Neffos C7S running A10 gsi(stock is way more laggy) and Redmi 9 4/64 on A11,both arm8 - app requests to install ARCore (officially unsupported devices not on Snapdragon so even installed AR won't enable scanning at all).

If ARCore is installed - app lags more(even FC on Neffos probably because of low ram,havent looked into logcat)

If ARCore is not installed - app starts to bug me about "please install ARCore it is required". Approximately three requests on Redmi and from two to eight on Neffos during startup. Also requests(2) will be shown if app was backgrounded or if i enable adventure sync.Really annoying popup)

Why should app request installation of absolutely useless components? I can understand if AR request is shown after enabling scan via settings or smth.

PS. No safetynet tweaks so app shouldnt think that i use something else.

PS(2) arm7 buid has the same problem,tested on Samsung A7-16 and Nexus 5(custom rom)

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A fix is coming in our next update (2.95.1).


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