Keys disappeared after unsuccessful attempt to load into capsule

This evening I attempted to put 62 keys into a Quantum capsule. The operation failed — it appeared to time out, as sometimes happens. But most of the keys were unusable (eg couldn’t charge portals) even after restarting. I did succeed in putting just one key into the capsule, then restarted again. At that point scanner showed no keys out, the capsule had just the one key, and inventory had dropped by 61 (from 2505 to 2444).

Is there any way to get these keys back? Some I have additional copies of, but several I don’t. These were my highest priority recharge keys so losing them would be a big disappointment.

I’ve also attempted to contact in-app support, but not at all sure it was successful — my first attempt to choose from Remy’s limited menu directed me here and closed the conversation, and my second attempt fumble-fingered a response that doesn’t match at all (“Niantic social”) then wouldn’t let me close the conversation or start over. I proceeded with an explanation in hopes that it might get somewhere useful.

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  • Ok, I just didn’t give it enough time. The wayward keys are back this morning. Phew!

  • KarM3LKarM3L ✭✭✭✭

    And this is why,,, we really need the force sync option back.....

    It's a client sync issue and clearing app cache will return correct Count from server...

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