Ban appeal for [redacted]

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All three are banned now

There was an ENL linkstar yesterday from a closed parc in Antwerp (Middelheim).

[redacted] did nothing besides standing in the neighbourhoud of the parc on the public road with access/interactions to some portals on the outside of the parc....

[redacted] picked up keys that dropped after killing links to the target portal and used those keys to link to the portal once that was flipped.

Yes the portal was flipped, but this was not caused by those players....

There is/was really no reason to BAN these players. For most of us Ingress is an important part of our lives and this really hurts since they did no cheating whatsoever. A Running sojourner that will stop, all the memories from banners walked..... please restore these accounts.

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  • Review please. Legit actions and no faul play whatsoever

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