[Suggestion] Validation of Passcodes

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Dear Ingress Team,

Recently, agents around me struggling to manage passcode on Character Cards.

Meaning, once agent get duplicated character cards, they don't have way to confirm its passcode is still valid or already redeemed. Due to this, agents needs to do some gamble and sometimes valid passcodes are wasted.

To solve such situation, let meI suggest you some ideas.

1) Add confirmation dialog between passcode input and passcode apply

Currently, passcode will be applied immediately when passcode input and fuxed. If there is a confirmation dialog, agent can know if this passcode is still valid or not. If passcode is still valid and agent does not have this medal, then agent will proceed to apply it.

2) Add new feature to validate passcode

If it is difficult to add confirmation dialog, it's also beneficial that agent can validate passcode on intel map. I believe that good agents will never perform brute-force attack to find unknown passcodes....

How about my ideas?

I hope you can kindly consider it.

Thank you!

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