No Portals in my Town Area

Good Day,

I wanna talk with you if possible, my Town has no portals or things to go in ingress, can you somehow help me or explain how to create portals and bring my Town to Life in Ingress Prime, there are alot of us in the comunnity that wanna play Ingress and Pokemon GO and there are no stops or portals witch makes it hard to play cuz we have to travel 16-18 KM witch is like 10 Miles i tink and is not so comfortable just to play the game to travel so much. I hope you can consider this and help us cuz i watched your clips and subscribed **** the hope that you can point me in the right direction.

The Place Town Is Located is: Romania, Bihor, Girisu De Cris (its next to Oradea the closest City)

Thank You, Best Regards


  • You need to reach level 10 to obtain ability to submit portal nomination. Or you can ask some agents from the nearest city if they can come to your town and submit some portal nominations.

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