Operation: Holy Smokes 420 Layers St. Jarvis!

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Operation: Holy Smokes 420 Layers St. Jarvis!

Our Latest World Record Attempt (and Success!) 

On 11 June 2022, A group of Enlightened agents met in the Florida Keys. Our plan was to layer the area, once again. Our goal was to reach 420 layers using the longest spine. The previous record for layers was by the Resistance at 361 layers in the Florida Panhandle.

Our operator @geozukunft and his shadow @GodOfOwls put in a grueling 15 hours sending us assignments and cheering us on. You are expert cat herders, Thank You!

Our wonderful clear team started around 3pm to clear the way for us. On the baseline we had @Ocktoberfest, @Gatesz, @stufff11, and @KITTYsh and on the western lane we had @SutefaniDeluxe, @TheMachine7734, @KITTYsh, @BountyHunter23 , @Lindow1, and Salty. We could not have gotten this monster up without all of you wonderful people.

The operation ran through the 3PM, 7PM, 1AM, and 6AM checkpoints. When the first layer went up, we all felt relieved. We chose to do the operation at night, hoping to avoid traffic so we could get the layers up as quickly as possible. Even with more car teams than our previous record-breaking operation, it still took 10.5 hours, due to the sheer size, wildlife encounters, closed parks, illness, fish attacks, game lag that got worse as we went along, being unable to navigate by Ingress, and lack of open facilities for bio breaks.

On our throw team we had, in no particular order, @vavie, @guidogirl, @tristeele, @bigtunacan8, @Siriusamory2113, @DoctorAnomaly, @DarthLayer,  @MutagenicSlime, @PerfectPoison, @GreekBish, @bcctimeattack , @porkobyte, and me, @AriaLake

 Many thanks to our GITMO agent @ViridianRave

Smallest field: @Trail Division Sign +2283065 MUs

Biggest field: @Overseas Heritage Trail +3398883 Mus

 Checkpoints 21, and counting

We do not have a total MU, as there were a few things that went wrong while copying that data. Rounded, we should be at 1,110,000,000 MU, increasing the global score over a billion MU!

The fields are still up currently, 21 checkpoints so far, one being in the last cycle. Some of our agents added additional layers to the original fields. Those layers were not included in our count, because they were thrown in the days following our operation.

#Enlightened #WhereDidIngressTakeYouToday #WorldRecordLayers #F.E.R.A.L.

 EDIT: the resistance took Lovingly Remember down at 10:17 am on 16 June 2022

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  • not counting anymore, finally lol

  • Three cheers to you! I love seeing your space and painting a broader picture of how everything was happening.

  • Ha-@bcctimeattack and I thought y'all were cops too.. I said.."Oh great now what do we do...this is going to look so suspect with us just posted up next to the cops" and then we passed by and started taking bets about what whether or not it was a VW or a Honda until we pulled around and noticed it was y'all ....(we were nervous too because let's face it...at that point NOTHING would have surprised us hahaha)

  • Great job

  • We've got to get better at that...GAAAH!! 🤳 📸

    Probably should hire someone 🤷🏻 😆

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