June 2022 Second Sunday

June Second Sunday was greeted with great anticipation by many agents keen to spend time on ingress missions and enjoy some friendly competition.

We had 57 agents registered for competition, uploading stats and selfies via the wonderful bot from DhrMekmek. Our Telegram chat provided opportunities in the wider group to chat, share stories, the missions being completed, help each other and celebrate achievements. Agents joined this mostly UK-based group from several other countries, including Germany, Italy, Czechia, Spain, USA and Singapore.

Talking of Stats

28 RES, 29 ENL agents (total 57)

12M RES AP Gain, 9.7M ENL AP Gain (21.7M total)

13.3M RES Recharge, 17.4M ENL Recharge (30.8M total)

395km RES walked, 346km ENL walked (741km total)

207 RES unique missions, 318 ENL unique missions (525 total)

6 agents levelled up, 3 RES and 3 ENL. One agent completed their very first banner and unlocked the Second Sunday medal.

We had so much fun!

Thank you to the mission creators out there, who add so much to our enjoyment of ingress missions.

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