6 Men In Action

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On the announcement of releasing the new #Ingress_Community, we as the Egypt Enlightened Team, thought of being the first to write a SiteRep not only in Egypt but in the Middle East.

So, this is how it all started!!!, me AKA 3abkarinov and Illuminatus88 were meeting up on our weekly bases, we thought of creating some random multilayers just to tease our local RES and maintaining our Cell Score.

Here is where the devil kicked in Illuminatus88 head. All of a sudden I found Illuminatus88 daydreaming for few mins and suddenly he said since we are already creating multilayers covering half of Cairo how about we expand this and make it something much bigger maybe instead of covering just half of Cairo, we can cover 1/3 of Egypt and also we can contribute/support our Enlightened team in the global score, maybe something like Giza AlexandriaIsmailia.

So, I (3abkarinov) headed home after a long day trying to sleep but what Illuminatus88 said kept holding me up thinking about how to make it possible. I opened my laptop thinking of all the local agents and what keys we have in common and I started drawing, literally it didn’t take much time before I contacted Illuminatus88 telling him that am done with the drawings and sorted all the x-links locations, now all what we are waiting for is to know who will be free and able to help/participate with us.

We started to contact all the locals in those 3 cities, due to ¾ of our locals are University Students and they have exams, so ONLY response that we received was from 3 agents (Hazem0, crazy4hisoka, NourAldin) beside 3abkarinov and Illuminatus88.

Based on the response 3abkarinov started to distribute the roles as some of them will be moving either by Car, Bike and even on foot.

“P.S We don’t ride camels for transportation in Egypt XD.”

Ofcourse , nothing can workout with having an intel Operator and nobody can operate this better than our beloved PoC LilPharaoh.

Once we had all set and assigned the Zero Hour, we faced a little problem that our Ismailia agent was on a family vacation and he won’t be there at the decided timing, so thankfully Illuminatus88 said that he will be willing to travel 127.5km ~ 1h50min.

In the meanwhile, NourAldin removed the xlinks from Alexandria and setup our baseline and our own blockers as a preparation of the OP while waiting for Illuminatus88 to arrive.

Since now all set and all agents started to head to their location with their assigned role, LilPharaoh was ready on intel scanning the parameter making sure that all clear to execute the plan.

Once we made sure that Illuminatus88  arrived safely to Ismailia and on the first portal ready for the xlinks and fields to be down, LilPharaoh gave the Green Light for 3abkarinov to start taking down the big fields that were already covering Ismailia and once the fields were down Illuminatus88 started to create the links, fields and multilayers.

P.S Unfortunately none of us were able to close a single layer BUT luckily for Illuminatus88, he was the ONLY one closing those large fields.

Link after link, fields after another we managed to create 10 MASSIVE MULTILAYERS of ~14Million MUs/ Layer with a Total of 141Million MUs and obviously all those amount of MUs were added up for Illuminatus88 illuminator Medal.

The operation started 21:39 UTC and ended at 22:20 UTC, unfortunately we ONLY managed to create 5 layers out 10 before the CP and the other 5 layers were done after the CP.

The first 5 layers of the Operation lasted for 3 CPs while the other 5 layers lasted for 2 CPs.


Operation - 6 Men in Action 6MIA -

OP info:-

- Total of 10 Layers

- Amount of MUs / Layer = ~14M MUs

- Total amount of MUs = 141,059,684 MUs

@3abkarinov  :- OP Drawer- Destroyed xlinks/Feilds

@Hazem0 :- Destroyed xlinks

@crazy4hisoka :- Destroyed xlinks

@NourAldin :- Destroyed xlinks, Created Blocker, linked the OP Baseline

@illuminatus88 :- Creator/Planner of OP - Created ALL the FEILDS!!!

@LilPharaoh :- Intel Operator

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