Removal of double r7 deploy



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    @Otrera35 No, I'm arguing that double R7 is universally better and one of the reasons for that is that it only takes two players in a low-activity area to build a P7. I think it's dumb to tell players in low-activity areas that they can just buy R8s if they want them.

  • EvilSuperHerosEvilSuperHeros ✭✭✭✭✭

    Would it be better to lock the L7 double deploy behind Recursion?

  • HosetteHosette ✭✭✭✭✭

    @EvilSuperHeros I don't think so. Players in low-activity areas have far fewer opportunities to level up so they are less likely to recurse.

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    It actually hurts multi-accounters lol, harder to pass off a 3rd account when you have 2 hands, or using more than a parters account who doesn't play because they are out of province/state.

  • Otrera35Otrera35 ✭✭✭✭
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    Yeah right! I've seen new accounts were leveled up to 8 just to upgrade portals and mods. Now that the deployment of R7s has been nerfed; it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that it will encourage multi-accounting.

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    The lack of feedback (especially on these forums, as it's stated 'we read all of it'), is pretty annoying. If there's a post from an official account, it's clear they don't know how their own company operates. The back and forth to support and the forums is moronic.

    I have no idea why they are doing what they are doing. When CORE was announced I remember feeling like we were taking a step in the right direction. Hired a community manager, but the community is being ignored more than ever. I mean we are experiencing game breaking issues for 1,5 years (coming up on 2!) and we're not even close to finding out the cause, let alone implement a fix.

    The fix for the game board not loading at startup was also tentative, and it was like back in 2019. It's 2022 and we still face that issue. This is why I am confident the issues will never be resolved, and players will continue to leave until they can **** the game off.

  • NoctarionNoctarion ✭✭✭

    Not the end of the world, but it's a step closer.

  • HosetteHosette ✭✭✭✭✭

    @VenomousToad writes:

    Maybe now with it being a little more difficult we'll gain players.

    I think it's more likely to go the other way. Most people don't like having things taken away from them, and it's hard to imagine that making the game more frustrating is going to bring new players in. It's certainly not going to inspire a lot of existing agents to recruit new players.

  • Jo0LzJo0Lz ✭✭✭✭✭

    Well, new players would make it easier to get l7 and l8 portals. They wouldn’t get any benefit until they are that level, so for the new players it doesn’t matter. Once they are l6/7/8 they’ll be of help to others.

  • Well, new players would make it easier to get l7 and l8 portals.

    The problem here is, this is a benefit for existing players, not a benefit for new players. So if we're not already getting the new players as it is, it's going to make it even harder now.

  • gazzas89gazzas89 ✭✭✭✭✭

    How would it make it easier to get new players? Single or double r7 deploy won't matter to level 7, and if new players don't make it to level 7, then its of no consequence to them. And if they are new players, they won't even know double r7 deploy was a thing. It can only effect players who experienced the double r7 deploy

  • VenomousToadVenomousToad ✭✭✭✭✭

    The theory is in order to create a level 7 portal now you need 3 people. That would encourage teamwork. Most areas don't even have a team so it can't possibly get any worse. If people want higher level portals they need to work together or level up backpack accounts. Either way you get more active players.

  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    Yet you stated earlier it's a challenge because the game has been on easy mode (not really a valid point)

  • VenomousToadVenomousToad ✭✭✭✭✭

    More people played when we had single 7 deploy. What could possibly have changed since then?

  • VenomousToadVenomousToad ✭✭✭✭✭

    Look at this point in the game it's in the mature stage. There's no teamwork, no goals, no real events. Niantic doesn't care what happens with it. They need the free labor for scanning portals for their next games. And everyone scanning portals gets a badge. There's no new players ever. There are more multi accounters than legit players. Niantic can't stop it and communities are just turning a blind eye to it. When someone rolls up to a portal with two phones and two accounts it makes people give up. Who wants to play against that? Double 7 going away doesn't matter. There won't be any new players, no teamwork, no reason to try to level up portals. It's all moot. I thought last year was their last year. And with these events it should have been. So forgive my sarcasm. It's all just the writing on the wall.

  • gazzas89gazzas89 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Thats a false equivalence, what changed was more games came around and a pandemic happened. Even still, so what if the game had x at one point, if something changed and is generally well recieved, then changing back because "thats how it used to be" is not and never will be a good argument, ill use an extreme, but we used to live in caves and hunt for food, should we go back to that?

  • Otrera35Otrera35 ✭✭✭✭

    What makes you think that EASY mode will go away when Niantic just encourages multi-accounting with the nerfing of R7s deploys? The company just wants to prolong gameplay so it can squeeze every dollar it gets for its old game.

  • NoctarionNoctarion ✭✭✭
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    What's most sad 😞 is that it ain't gonna get better, I assume we all saw that they halted many projects and reduced their number of employees, idk about ya'll, but to me, that's not a good omen. Their incomes must've gone down even with PoGO.

    Hopefully, they'll focus more on Ingress and PoGO now (?) anyway...


  • Jo0LzJo0Lz ✭✭✭✭✭

    The game performance went down the drain. We stopped having real life events. Patches contain nothing but useless new features, don't fix any of the issues that caused people to leave.

    They organised anomalies, but they weren't anomalies. Then we finally have a 'real' anomaly, and it's not a real anomaly.

    There probably is a lot I've missed, but it's not the double R8/R7 or the reduced hack timer. Because I've only seen an (temporary) increase in player activity, especially people microfielding and opposition destroying it.

  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    That's just a false equivalence to other problems that exist. Just say you have no reason except the game is dead.

  • Otrera35Otrera35 ✭✭✭✭

    Obviously, because they have many special events or raids in PoGo where they can generate more money to sustain their operations.

  • SSSputnikSSSputnik ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Disagree with selling R8s.

    It's easy now to flip a portal up with vrbb and a few people.

    People with R8 can transfer to those who don't. Drones also make it easy.

    Agree with Hosette here.

  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    VRBB comes from money so it's expected. To be honest, I would be for BBs to be hackable - given it's no different than hacking rare and very rare items.

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    The survey we did a long time ago, we put in a lot of things that were pie in the sky for what we were going to pay for the CORE Subscriptions, what we got, was everything.

    Take a step back and compare other games, and realize that Ingress Devs are really underselling the subscription service.

    I try to remember to buy more CXM than acg month to help pay for this.

    The Kinetic Capsule to generate R8s is a better option than buying them, and buying more (rarer) Kinetic Capsules would make the game more like Pokemon GO than Ingress, but if those rarer Kinetic Capsules produced other items besides the common Kinetic Capsule does now, does open up options for monetizing Ingress to remain a game we enjoy.

    Example crafting items could be L9 - L16 resonators

    Another example could be Flip card that flips not just that portal but also the immediate surrounding linked portals.

    Another example could be a "super" xmp that is larger in attack radius and damage potential

    These might not be good in terms of gameplay, but just a few random ideas I had

  • HI, i am new here. I played ingress only in covid times, so i got used to solo lvl6 which was kinda OK, because i am playing on feet. I do not mind playing with lvl5, i know how to get items. I will talk mostly from destroying point of view, 500k town, ENL/RES 1/3 player base(max 40 active players!), the amount of shields I/ENL need to go through everytime...

    I get lvl 6portal holds on for 1burnout if lucky...On the RES side are 3-4 MC's agents duping rare shields on 30acc+

    and one of them builds himself lvl8 home portal at will(he can build it ENL and we need to used ADA, or RES) and the via share distributing the items in all parts of the town for other agents, they do not even meet! There is no point for anybody from ENL go there, you waste30-60min and/or $ on petrol. I don't think i need to explain how log ENL portals live...i do a hour playing on feet he does 5min car drive with lvl 8 xmp radius->done..time well spent right?

    We both got AP....NO, this should not work like this!

    We reported the agent with some of his accounts 100+times, with proper description screenshots..everything necessary to proof of his rule breaking. I do not think he was banned once for this offence and he should have been perma banned already. If somebody from you know a possibility how/where to report him please let me know.

    i know i slipped from the actual topic of 1x7res. Actually i do no mind! Make 1x8 per 24hours(12h?) on EACH portal REGARDLESS of agent -> so it would take 8days to build up a FARM!

    Thanks for reading. GN

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