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Hi, my CORE was supposed to renew yesterday. Payment was taken (I have the iTunes Store email to show this) but the loadout kit hasn’t been awarded and the ‘Months Subscribed’ counter is still at 16 rather than having the uptick to 17. I still have the CORE flair on my Scanner

Phone is an iPhone XR on iOS 15.5

Agent Name is egan706

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  • @egan706 I think I see what happened here, and will need to push the Loadout Kit and CMU to your account directly. Thanks for your patience.

  • Was this some kind of systemic problem on June 9, with the other issues occurring that day? I ask, because my CORE subscription also renews on the 9th (along with a ton of other folks, I'd imagine), and my experience has been identical to that of egen706: the subscription was (correctly) billed, but then nothing else seemed to take place - no tick in the "months subscribed" counter, and no loadout kit.

    If this is an odd, low-frequency problem, then having people individually report the issues seems OK (-ish, if the conditions that lead to the problem are known or knowable), but if this is widespread, I would hope for a more automated resolution.

    Scanner 2.92.1-ba7acf4a, Pixel 5, agent name slickmv

  • There were issues on the 9th.

    I know of another agent who also had the same thing happen but support resolved it.

  • Please resolve this problem for ALL agents missing their June CORE loadout (around 9-10'th of June).

  • Bug reported together with the kinetic capsule bug ... still no satisfying answer from support ...

  • @NianticBrian may WE expect the Loadout kit sometimes or shall we forget about it ? Feeling despoiled and abandonned !

  • Sorry about the delay, @NorajBarthabassAgents! If you haven't yet, please submit a ticket via in-app support. One of our representatives will look into it.

    Suppose the ticket is already submitted. Please share your ticket numbers, and let me check it with the dedicated team.

  • Thanks @NianticVK. I already had a ticket open related to the kinetic capsule bug in which i déclared the missing Loadout. I could not find at that Time thé possibility to open a separate ticket. The duplicated kinetic capsule seems to be solved since a few minutes (thanks for that) i'll open a separate ticket for the missing Core Loadout

  • @nianticvk ticket number : # 17387442

  • Hey @NorajBarthabass! Upon checking, I could see that your ticket is under process. You should get a reply soon.

  • @NianticVK problem solved thanks you !

  • edited June 2022

    @NorajBarthabass Thanks for confirming. Have a good one! :)

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