RPE to human beings

Reading the discussion created by @Ishira I remember that we don’t have evidence that Calvin Is a simulacrum (at least I don’t remember one) so he is human just like PA but both of them were RPE. This keep me thinking...we know Nemesis is after all Niantic’s researchers, also have the power to “kill” them (trap at the portal network as shards) but they were simulacrums. According to the video in which they killed Carrie Campbell, they use dark XM to accomplish “the murder”. Thanks to the anime, we know Dark XM also affects the body, not just the mind like “regular” XM.

Nemesis is trying to recruit agents to their lines, for only god knows what, but I can’t stop thinking about...if someone intrudes on their goals and they having the power to RPE not only simulacrums...maybe @Ishira was lucky...maybe having Calvin still RPE make nemesis think they didn’t need to act against the agent...

A new threat for sure, but take care of yourself, agents.


  • I wonder what insight we came gain from the official RPE rpg events that have occured in the past.

    where the characters that agents RPE'd into Simulacrums?

  • They might have unknowingly been taking over other humans and imbuing them with their own persona.

  • I am pretty sure that Calvin is also a simulacrum.

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    Considering that as a result of the Hank-P **** video we have may confirmation of a RPE xm-construct-avatar being used as well as a mind/body-ingression, we have to also ask ourselves what is the benefit of RPE-ing using one method over the other.

  • Yes it looks like we have video 'proof' of an RPE event into the car that sharded/killed poor Hank P, or someone... a simulacra was sharded, that we know from the hourglass symbol in the XM.

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    As I was reading other threads - a thought came to mind - if a person RPEs into someone - what happens to their body while they are in the other body and if you did something to that body, would the person RPEing leave the host body or would they permanently become that other person and so that other person has been "killed"???

  • from the Dunraven videos, the other person is sort of 'back seat driving'

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    So what happens if the body hopper is killed or the one whose mind they are in is killed?

  • You would lose part of yourself. We suspect this is what happened to EAW.

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    Oh, hmmm So was EAW the first to RPE perhaps?

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    I do consider myself lucky but I'm rather concerned that just anyone can be rpe'd into now. I have to wonder what side effects this could have on the people rpe'd into and if it makes them easier to be taken over again and again. Is there no way to protect ourselves from being used like Calvin and Pac were?

  • Misty Hannah-style mind palaces are the only things i know of .

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    I knew someone who was became "possessed" while we were in a gateless cemetery late at night. She stated that the entire time she felt as if she was hovering about a foot behind herself unable to speak or move even though her body was talking and moving. I assume, it's the same thing when you are RPE'ed into. If so, then there actually might be accounts of people being RPE'ed into but we're "explained" away as being spiritual/demonic possession.

    I assume if you RPE into someone and you make that person jump off a 500 ft cliff you would be kicked out of the body upon their **** and there is a possibility of you having some kind of mental feedback.

    If your body dies while you are RPEing into someone, I assume that you either become subsumed into their psyche, like a walk-in, or you will end up trying to control the host as long as possible before you eventually just fade away.

  • Counter-Question: how can you protect yourself from being RPE'd into?

    • If being RPE'd into requires the "host" to have a certain level of XM in their cells, then draining your body of it would make you "protected"
    • If being RPE'd into requires the host to be clearly adressable/locatable/targetable, then remaining inside an Anomalous Zone (or around Prime Artifacts that create micro-AZ would protect you
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    I am very interested in how to keep from being RPE'd into as well, if this is happening with more frequency, hopefully a safeguard can be found/created. But would it be like an innoculation against a virus or more like a mental shield against intrusion?

  • Well one way that i mentioned earlier is a Misty Hannah-style Mind Palace. That at least traps the the entity and keeps it away from consuming you.

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    But can the entity maybe do something not so nice to the mind palace?Not sure I'd want something/someone else in there. But, if it was a safe way - how does one create/control a mind palace?

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    I believe Tycho was something else - there was the posts about him being a tehcthulhu

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    How ever - what Felicia Hajra-Lee described as her inspiration for writing - that perhaps was a case of being RPE'd into. Also - What about the time 1218 PA went on that coding spree and did not remember it - I guess that may have been an RPE event?

  • @docwho2100 The Coding Spree effect is easier explained by the forgetful effects of recursion. than by RPE's... because what we don't know is if you remember what someone else did with your body (similar to an "out-of-body-experience")

    What we can be certain of is that XM influences the mind in both positive and negative regard. Recursion make you forget and XM artifacts may help you remember events that were removed from your mind.

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    RPE doesn't need a host per say.

    I need to jot down my thoughts on the subject, but in essence hosts are not required to RPE depending on your methodology. Reason being using artifacts and/or a tecthulhu you can create an "avatar" to RPE into, a temporary Simulacrum that acts as a host.

    Evidence of this exists in two cases. When Jahan's palace was RPE'ed into it was called an RPE /RIP and not an infiltration since no bodies of potential Infiltrators were found. This means, an avatar (or psuedo Simulacrum) was used to enter the AZ. When Jahan's guardians eliminated the RIPsrs, their avitars destabilized into XM. It's unknown what facilitated this event's RPE.

    When agents entered Misty Hannah's mind palace, a non physical mental space l, they did so via mental constructs/avatars that navigated through the imaginary space created by her thoughts. In the case of Misty's mind palace this was facilitated by the presence of the Trickster's Hat tecthulhu.

    It should be noted that the ability to RPE or Facilitate and RPE experience might require the usage of specific Archetypal Abilities to initiate.

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    What is RIP, AZ, Tecthulhu?

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