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So, recently this issue started where I recall my drone, and then move it to the desired portal (I'm moving it back to the only P8 portal), the drone doesn't seem to move.

When trying to move the drone again, I'm met with the message 'Drone already at target portal'. When I exit drone view, and go back, I can hack the portal, and then during the hack I get the 'Scanner communication error'.

I thought I was because the game resumed from background, but I just tried twice with a restart of the client first and it still happened.

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  • I am having a similar issue with Drone usage.

    When I go to use the drone, it appears at a portal other than the one I last sent it to, I am able to move it but when I hack I get an error message "portal out of range" - I then back out of drone yet. I go back into dronenet, and my portal appears at the portal I know it was at prior as if the previous interaction did not occur, and I'm able to move and hack normally.

    this has been going on for some time now.

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